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Buy Xanax From India

There are a number of businesses and organisations involved in the BID for Bradford and the BID Operating Board are being supported by the following individuals.

Ian Ward
General Manager of The Broadway and Chair of the BID Operating Board
Ian has more than 30 years’ experience in the retail sector, beginning with leading high-street fashion and food brands, Marks & Spencer and Safeway. After managing Stafford Centre in East London since 2008, Ian became Centre Director at St John’s Shopping Centre, Liverpool in 2010. When the centre was sold to InfraRed Capital Partners, Ian oversaw St Johns’ multimillion pound redevelopment which saw footfall growing year-on-year through this period of huge transition. Ian’s time in Liverpool also saw him take up high profile roles elsewhere in the city, both as a non-executive director at St George’s Quarter and chairman of Liverpool City Central BID executive board. Through his role as part of the Board of Trustees for the charity, Ian also provided an advisory voice to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital’s Ronald McDonald House. In 2016, Ian crossed the Pennines to become General Manager of The Broadway Bradford. The hotly anticipated £260m development opened just months before his arrival, with Ian working to cement The Broadway’s position as the heart and soul of Bradford since his appointment. Recognising the centre’s key role in its community, once again, Ian has looked to assist developments across Bradford through other organisations. As the chair of the Bradford BID Development Group, and a member of Bradford Breakthrough, Ian has worked with many stakeholders to put forth ideas on how to build a sustainable and better future for the city. Ian is also a part of the Leadership Group Chamber of Commerce, and has been involved in community projects such as Project Search and One in a Million. He has also recently taken on an advisory role at a local school, utilising his years of experience to assist further developments all across the city.
Mark Cowgill
Co-Founder & Director of Exa Networks and Deputy Chair of the BID Operating Board
Mark has around 20 years’ experience in the ISP sector, beginning with another local internet service provider, before co-founding Exa Networks in 2003. Exa started out in 2003, in Halifax, before moving to the Bradford District in 2005, again to its current Head Office in the centre of Bradford in 2015. Exa made sure its state of the art DarkLight service was launched first in Bradford, before anywhere else in the UK, and is now available as far afield as West Sussex. Over the past 16 years, Mark has helped develop Exa into a multi-award-winning Internet Service Provider. Mark was a member of the BID Development Board and is currently a member of Bradford Breakthrough, and on the Leadership Group for the Chamber of Commerce. He also works closely with other local organisations such as The Ahead Partnership in delivering support and assistance to schools throughout the district. Mark is a Bradford lad through and through and obviously a BCFC supporter.
Sandy Needham
Chief Executive of West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Deputy Chair of the BID Operating Board
Sandy Needham is the Chief Executive of the West and North Yorkshire Chamber, the leading business organisation for the Bradford, Leeds, York and North Yorkshire, offering lobbying and a large range of business services. The Chamber has created a fund to lend to companies, built managed offices and industrial units for growing businesses and created networks for specific sectors and areas of work e.g. manufacturing alliances. Earlier roles include working as a Company Secretary in a small company, Regional Manager with TV-am and Yorkshire Television, Regional Manager with NCH/Action for Children, Regional Director of Common Purpose and Chief Executive of Chamber Management Services Ltd and the Bradford Chamber. Sandy is a Trustee of the John Speak Foreign Languages Foundation and a non-executive director of Business Enterprise Finance Ltd, a community development finance institution lending to businesses. Other roles include being a member of the Bradford Producer City Board and the Prosperity Board and a Director of the Leeds Business Improvement District. Sandy also holds non-executive directorships with the British Chambers of Commerce, Yorkshire & Humber Chambers of Commerce and Bradford City of Film.
Jonny Noble
Bradford BID Manager
With almost 30 years’ experience working predominantly within the Sport & Leisure industry in the Local Authority and most recently being the City Centre Manager for over 5 years, Jonny is a passionate “Bradfordian”. Born and bred in the district Jonny is a positive person by nature and will always look for ways to deliver projects/initiatives to a positive conclusion. With a vast amount of experience working with key stakeholders across several disciplines and able to communicate very effectively with all, Jonny is a natural go getter and often referred to as “Mr Bradford” by his peers. Married with two children Jonny enjoys family time away in his caravan and time together closer to home. A dedicated Bradford City fan since 1985, Jonny attends all home games wherever possible as well as an occasional away game. A very keen swimmer, with a few open water events under his belt. In his spare time, he is on the organising committee of the Thornton Gala, which helped resurrect the Gala in 2018 after many years absence.

BID Operating Board

Dawn Leak

Bradford College

Eleanor Clyde-Evans

University of Bradford

David Crossley

Midland Hotel

Dean Loughran

National Science & Media Museum

Umair Khan


Sarah Jackson

Yorkshire Building Society 

Kamran Rashid

30 Chapel St Ltd

Ian Ward

The Broadway

Catherine Riley


Catherine Furlong

Forster Square Retail Park

Dave Downes

The Broadway

Mark Cowgill

Exa Networks

Sandy Needham

Chamber of Commerce

Sonny Sharma

Sharma Williamson

Insp Pete Hall

West Yorkshire Police

Si Cunningham

Bradford Civic Society

Nick Chamberlain

Gordons Solicitors & BID Company Secretary 

Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw

Bradford Council

Rachel Oxborough

Visit Bradford

Adrian Deluca

Mario’s Hairdressers

Jane Dodd

Napoleons Casino

Paula Watson

Bradford City FC

Sam Haigh

M & S